Saturday, June 21, 2008

Refuse, Reuse and Repurpose!

I heard these new 3 R's not long ago, and I’m doing my best to adopt them. In my own small way I feel like I’m making a difference. But it’s not just about the little bit of trash I’m keeping out of the landfill. It’s about living in accordance with your beliefs and about setting the example for others. Hold your head up with pride when you go through the checkout with your repurposed and reusable grocery bags. People get into routines and do what’s normal and expected because … well, it’s normal and expected. So shake things up a little and create a new norm in your neighborhood!


“Paper or plastic?” Just say, “No, thank you.” There are lots of fun options for reusable grocery bags and totes. These are larger and much stronger than your standard plastic grocery bags. So refuse those flimsy bags, and rest assured that your new durable grocery totes won’t tear open on the walk home!

Fabric grocery bags

Cotton totes

Fun Tote


I reuse as much as I possibly can. My family teases me about never throwing anything out! I also reuse packaging materials for shipping my products, and I turn cardboard tea boxes and cereal boxes into candle packaging.

Choose reusable instead of disposable. Are you throwing out diapers or floor cleaning pads or menstrual pads? You don’t have to – there are reusable options! Of course there are many other reusable versions of disposable products that you can find of but this is just a few examples of some great products!


Mop covers



This one might be a bit more of a challenge for those who aren’t crafty types. But if you use your imagination I’m sure you can think of lots of everyday items that can be repurposed. The bags shown above made by are made out of old t-shirts. And something I’ve been playing with is crocheting using “plarn” which is made from strips of plastic retail bags. The EcoEtsy team has a blog with lots of ideas, including some fun projects for repurposing. And while you’re there don’t forget to check out some of the great EcoEtsy member shops. Here are a few fun repurposed items.

Plarn tote

Fairy pendant

Funky bracelet

Monday, June 16, 2008

Great Etsy Teams!

I want to take a few minutes here to tell you about the great Etsy Street Teams that I’m part of. What’s a Street Team you ask? Street Teams are groups of Etsy sellers who band together to form teams based on geographic location, types of products, religious beliefs … you name it! Through these teams we share information, host great contests and fun promotions, and can generally just support one another through the fun but challenging grind of being an Etsy seller.

So have fun browsing through the sites for these great teams!

“EGCG is short for Etsy Green And Clean Guild, a street team for Etsy sellers who specialize in soapmaking, perfume, cosmetics, herbal products - delights for your body and spirit.
We have banded together to help educate the public about the merits of well-crafted products from small businesses who care about their customers, as well as to promote Etsy in general.”

If you’re searching on Etsy and you want to find items from EGCG member shops simply search for “EGCG”. Or by clicking on the banner above you can browse the member shops listed on the left side of the EGCG team page.

EarthPath Artisans Street Team (EAST)

“We are a team of people with shops on who walk similar alternative spiritual paths, focusing our beliefs in the world of Nature. Our team membership encompasses different Goddess-based traditions, as well as Taoism, Buddhism and similar paths. Our shops are as diverse as our membership. We are not limited to selling only items representing our spiritual path, but also create to make your everyday world a better and more interesting place.”

If you’re searching on Etsy and you want to find items from EAST member shops simply search for “EAST”. Or by clicking on the banner above you can browse the member shops listed on the right side of the EAST team page.

Etsy New Jersey Street Team (EtsyNJ)

“We are a team of crafters and artists devoted to making handmade items that spread joy throughout the land. We make a number of creations, ranging from handmade jewelry, knitted & crocheted pieces to paper goods, bath & beauty, supplies, and so much more!

We have found each other through the wonderful world of Etsy and decided to join forces to represent the amazing talents New Jersey has to offer. Please check out our shops, bookmark our website, and stop back oh so often!”