Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Donate While You Shop: Helping Others Street Team (HOST)

Preface: About Etsy

Before starting into this post I want to make sure you understand the players. For those of you who don't know, is a an online community for people to buy and sell handmade items. Since Etsy's launch in June 2005, over 100,000 sellers have opened up shops. A real sense of community has grown among this international group and continues to grow.


To continue along this theme of donating while you shop I want to introduce you to the Etsy Helping Others Street Team (HOST). I won't paraphrase their mission, but let you read it for yourself:
"Our goal is to give unconditional support to any fellow Estian in their time of need. Support being prayers, thoughts, hugs; a shoulder to cry and lean on; money; sales. We only care about the person, not their race, religion, or nationality... We are a community here of caring hand made artisans who just want to extend a helping hand all year long."
I am a new member of this group but I've found the people very friendly and willing to help, often even when they're experiencing emotional or financial difficulties themselves. This is a generous and dedicated group, and worthy of our support!

HOST helps out financially through some individual contribution of team members and also through their team shop that you can find at This shop is made up of items donated by HOST members. When the items are sold, 100% of the proceeds go to helping Etsy members in need.

Online Trunk Show tomorrow!!

But wait there's more! Some of the members of the HOST group (including myself) are having an online trunk show tomorrow October 16th at 7 p.m. EST. This is a way for people to chat a little about their shops and their craft in a real time interactive environment. Come join us! Just come to Etsy and then Community tab and then Virtual Labs and you'll see us there.

Here are just a few of the great items in the HOST team shop:


Maura said...

Great post! Looking forward to the Trunk Show!

Drew of Fairy Tale Fibers said...

Wonderful post! Great concise explanation and call to action!

I just love all the awesome things in the HOST shop! All handmade by warm hearted folks with the proceeds going to help out others!