Friday, July 24, 2009

My 1st Garden: Monster Tomato Plants!

I haven't given my readers a garden update in quite a while. My entire "crop" so far has been two hot peppers. They're weren't all that hot because apparently it has rained too much. But they were still tasty and there are more coming as you can see here.

I'm hoping to get tomatoes soon. I have some tiny green ones showing up. But I can't believe these tomato plants! They've grown far taller than the stakes I put in for them. My thought is that because I planted them in the shade by accident they're trying to rival the trees around them to get more sun! They stand over 5 feet tall now. It's a little hard to see it in the picture, but maybe you'll get the idea.

Next year I'll be putting my tomatoes in a different spot in containers where there's more sun. Hopefully they won't grow as crazy tall as they did this year.

As for the rest of my plants ... There is one sweet pepper plant left, which may or may not produce. I didn't support my snap peas well enough and they are no more. But they started out great, and I think they'd have done a lot better if I looked after them. I have some carrots growing, so we'll see how they come out.

I'll let you know how my tomatoes turn out. I am pretty excited about them. I tried to take a picture but it didn't work out. So just imagine green tomatoes just a bit larger than peas! lol

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