Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Featured Shop: Susan Itkin Batik

Susan of Susan Itkin Batik has a wonderful shop selling a great variety of batik items. She's got pillows, clothing, cards and more!

What is "batik"? Susan explains:

"The batik process: A design in melted wax is applied to the fabric, which resists the dye. After successive waxings and different colored dye baths, the wax cracks, creating the characteristic batik crackle. When the wax is removed, a unique work of art is revealed."

Even though I love playing with wax I think I'll leave batik to the experts like Susan!

Here are a few of my favorite items from her shop.

Batik Scarf Top

Batik Pillow

Batik Card

Susan explains here a little about her shop and her art:

"I am a batik artist and create batik paintings, wall hangings, prints, home decor (pillows, napkins, runners) and clothing. I also use prints of my batiks, which I decoratively mount, to make into cards for all occasions.

"Much like the flora that inspires my work, batik is an imperfect perfect art. As no two leaves are alike, no two batiks are alike. Just like the colors on a flower's petal, the dyes on a piece of fabric blend a little differently each time. My anticipation and delight in each blossoming flower reflects my hope and joy each time I remove the wax from a completed batik. Through practicing the art of batik, I have found that, to me, there is perfection in the astounding range of colors in the world. The beautiful imperfections in the batik process have taught me to value the unique and enjoy the unexpected.

"I live in northern NJ with my husband and two children. I have exhibited and sold my batiks in the New York metropolitan area since 2003. Most recently I exhibited at the Belskie Museum of Art and Science in Closter, NJ, participating in their second fine crafts show. My cards are for sale year-round at the Belskie.

"And, of course, my work can be purchased at my Etsy shop!"
Etsy shop: http://SusanItkinBatik.etsy.com
Website: http://www.susanitkin.com


kim said...

Susan, this is your week Miss Popularity!! :)

Made by Melissa said...

Fabulous feature! Batik is so interesting and makes gorgeous creations. I never heard of it until Susan joined EtsyNJ! Nice work Susan!

Rosalie said...

beautiful stuff!

Batikgifts said...

Great design, thre are no words..!