Friday, February 27, 2009

Shop Feature: Liz Staley's Realm of Nerdiness

Liz from Liz Staley's Realm of Nerdiness is having a great sale right now and I just wanted to show off her shop. In this shop you'll find all sorts of things for the nerd in your life. Believe me I have lots in my life! (including me lol) She's got magnets, gaming accessories, art, and lots more.

But right now I'm going to focus on her handmade plushies - in particular her Kafma. Liz has a great assortment of these adorable plushies. I've included a couple of my favorites. Just click on the pictures for more info.

What are Kafma?

"Kafma is actually short for "Kute and Furry Mutliplying Aliens". They are small balls of fur hailing from a planet far away. All they do is eat, reproduce, make a pleasant purring noise, and get into my crafting supplies to make costumes for themselves."

Liz has all of her Kafma plushies marked down now. Go to the Plushie section in her shop to see the deals.


TheClayMuse said...

aww too cute! And I just saw your turtle soaps... oh my gosh toooo cute! If you make any froggy ones you have to let me know!

SleightGirl said...

Those are sooooo cute! Kafma...good to know!

thecraftbegins said...

hahah what a cute idea. thanks for sharing a cute seller.