Saturday, February 7, 2009

Two Shops - One Amazing Mother!

I recently talked to Brenda, mother of five, about her two Etsy shops Lazy Butt Pants and Step by Step. Brenda makes such comfortable clothing in fun designs for kids and adults! Below are some examples of the items available. (Just click on the pictures for more info.) Brenda also shares a little about her craft and her inspiration for each shop.

So check out both of these great shops and see the great deals she has on right now!

Lazy Butt Pants

"Lazy Butt Pants was started by myself to fit the need people have for comfortable yet fun garments to wear around their homes. They aren't always wore around the homes. Some wear them out and about as well. The pants are made in many fabric choices including cotton knit, flannel, fleece, and woven cottons. With fun print on many of the pairs, you can really express your personality! All the pants are handmade by me in my home and care is put into each pair. I have standard stock sizes and I am always open for a custom order in a size and/or fabric to suit you! Just drop me a line and I will work with you to create exactly what your butt needs to be comfy weather your butt is lazy or busy! For a limited time, all pants (and shorts) in this shop are buy one pair, get one pair 50% off! All slipper socks are buy one get one pair free! Just check out and wait for me to send you an invoice for the correct amount due. Confused? Just contact me and I will happily help you through the process!"

Step by Step

"Step by Step (bstep401) was begun over two years ago out of my desire to make little girl's clothing. Since I am the mother of five sons, I was happy to have an outlet for all the frills that I can't put on my children! All items in this store are handmade by me with great attention to detail. I take custom orders in this shop as well. You need only ask! My desire is that all little girls have a chance to be dressed in pretty clothing without the need to wear tiny adult fashions. Little girls are only little once! I am more than happy to work with you to create exactly what you envision your little sweetheart wearing for every day or for a special event. In addition to the little girl clothing, I also specialize in making layette sets for newborns, baby wipes that are washable and reusable, and nursing pads. You will find a variety of items in this shop. For a limited time, all items in this shop are 50% off. Please wait for me to send you a bill after you check out so that you will only pay the sale price. The listed prices are the full price. Any questions? Just drop me a line and I will be happy to walk you through!"

Links to Brenda's shops:

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maisy said...

I have two pairs of buttpants on their way and just can't wait to get them because I just know I am going to LIVE in them, lol!