Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Cool Site: The Optimist

If you're an optimist (like I am) here's a site to let you know you're not alone. So much around us is doom and gloom ... but there is a place where the world looks a little brighter.

This site is The Optimist at It's a place to go to see the positive side of news, media, sports, personal stories, and more. And it's interactive! Comments, voting, and personal stories from readers are encouraged.

Here's part of the description from the site:

"If you are an optimist – or aspire to be one - welcome to our world. Here at Optimist World you'll find daily good news headlines, inspiring stories about charities, positive corporate social responsibility, activities, sustainable travel, optimistic stories from the world of sports, and so much more."

So take a few minutes out of your day and browse around to see what good is happening in the world around you. It may just put a little spring in your step.

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thecraftbegins said...

hey, nice to have a little something for the rest of us!