Friday, March 6, 2009

Green News: A few fave picks

These are just a few recent green living tidbits I've come across recently. I just wanted to share them with my readers. Quotes are from the sites. Just click the links for more info. My work here is done. :)

Real Geeks Ride

Check out (and support) this bike ride to promote greener living.

"This ride across the USA, and the months leading up to it, is about their transition from ‘geeks’ into ‘geeks with bikes’. They will be showing, through and various forms of social media, the challenges, myths, and culture of cycling, the way a geek would understand them.

"Through their example, they hope to inspire (or potentially force) other geeks to change their commuting habits. If these two geeks can make it across the USA, it is foolish to think other geeks can not at least bike to work."

Green Teens: A Youth Movement to Spread Environmental Awareness

"Green Teens is a youth group who spreads environmental awareness through education and simple, positive lifestyle changes. The group has been around for about a year and can be found working throughout their community in Northeastern Connecticut. Some of Green Teens accomplishments include holding cloth bag booths, running light bulb swaps, and attending community events to spread their message!"

Planet Positive

"An environmental mark. A better way of living."

"Our mission is simple, but bold: to reduce carbon emissions and promote a more equitable distribution of resources.

"We will do this by actively promoting the Planet Positive mark as a straight forward way for everyone around the world to reduce their carbon footprint.

"Through Planet Positive we will create a network for organisations and individuals to work together towards a common goal: to ensure actions have a long-term positive effect on the environment, making good the damage done by past centuries of consumption and harmful emissions."

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