Sunday, May 10, 2009

Crafty Projects: Cat Pillow

Here is a simple (but rather tedious) crochet project I did for my cat (Leo). Actually it is for both of our cats, but I'll admit to a little favoritism. Leo is my cat from before getting together with my husband. Leo and I have been together about seven or eight years now. (I'm not good with remembering anniversaries or birthdays either!)

Anyway, my idea was to crochet a pillow case to turn a regular pillow into a comfy cat bed/pillow. I didn't think about it until I started measuring that pillow cases are huge!! When I was out crocheting in the dentist's waiting room someone thought it was a blanket. And my little dachshund kept trying to cuddle under it while I was working on it. :) It was an easy project though, just single crochet with stripes to make it more interesting. I did each side separately and then sewed them together.

Here he is just getting used to it. I know he might rip it up a little. He does have all his claws. But if he likes it, then it's worth it!


Andrewk said...

What a lucky cat!

turisuna said...

Nice cat and lucky him to have you :)