Friday, April 3, 2009

Crafty Secret Santa ... In March

I recently got involved in a Crafty Secret Santa/PIF (pay it forward) that was organized by Paul over at Dude Craft.

Here's the scoop - there were 20 participants and we all gave Paul some info about ourselves. He then sent each participant the info for one person. We then all made something crafty for whatever person we were given, based on the info they gave Paul.

Sound complicated? Well it really wasn't. It was great fun!

What I made

Part of the info I was given was my person loved "curling up with a good book and a cup of tea on a rainy evening". That was my inspiration for the scent of this chunk candle. I was also trying to capture a little of the look of a random pattern of rain on a window. I love the Rain scent too it was definitely a pleasure to fill the house with it for a day. Also, I don't often make chunk candles so it was a little change of pace for me.

What I got

The person who made something for me was inspired by my love of crafts, earthy colors, and my love of all things recycled/upcycled. This is a very cute wall hanging that has its permanent home on my craft room wall. The embroidery says CRAFT LOVE and there is a shadow puppet bunny as well.

Now the fun isn't over yet! Paul has been featuring these projects over at Dude Craft so we can all check out what everyone made. Go take a look! Follow the blog while you're there. He's always got great crafty posts!


Winklepots said...

That's a very cool idea. The candle scent sounds wonderful! Great way to step back and find another way to be creative.

TheClayMuse said...

Oh wow that sounds soooo nifty!
I'm def. going to have to follow his blog!!

Wendy said...

Love the candle -- and it certainly matches the weather here in Portland! Thanks so much!

♥georgie♥ said...

That is so awesome! I do a secret santa soiree when we get closer to the Holiday is great fun
stopping by from EC to drop and say Hi...