Friday, April 24, 2009

My First Garden: Planting!

Well here it is! The plot is hand-dug and about 10x20 feet. I decided to go for wide beds that would hold two rows of most of my veggies. (If this plan doesn't work this year I can try something different next year.) Then I used leaves as a mulch between beds and around the border. I'm expecting to have some issues with grass coming up in my garden so I wanted to at least keep the border and paths free of it.

I didn't add any compost or fertilizer or extra topsoil. But the earth in this area has been mostly covered by leaves for about two years. So I'm taking a chance that it's rich enough to give me a good season of growing. I'm planning on starting composting bin but it's a little further down on the To Do list.

I planted two rows of snow peas in one of the beds and two rows of carrots in another. I'm also planning tomatoes and peppers. The tomatoes I started inside are coming along nicely but I don't think they're sturdy enough for planting yet. Of all the peppers I started inside only two are coming up. I may have to break down and buy seedlings.

I'll keep you all posted about how things grow (or don't grow). You get to share in my triumph and disappointments!


sandy said...

Oh, great fun I remember my first garden years ago. Had a huge one, then I cut back a bit and did the square foot garden thing which help alot with time, and fewer weeds. Then I gave that up in favor of lots and lots of flower beds. Too many in fact. Everytime I got a new neighbor with a dog the'd put up an ugly fence (it was parklike with none when we first moved in), then to notice the fence less I'd plant. Too much to take care. I've thinned it the last 2 years to try and simplify things as I get older. Taking a break right now as a matter of fact from mowing.

I used to enjoy canning too, when I had a garden, then switched to dehydrating veggies which was easier.

Welcome mats out, look forward to your visit.

threadsofmagique said...

Looks wonderful! I loved the wide beds when I had a big garden. You can plant things together so they support and help each other - lettuce around the base of the tomatoes where it gets some shade, basil next to tomatoes and peppers (it helps both) etc.
Have a good summer and ENJOY the garden!

Thorne said...

I tried wide beds, but had trouble reaching the center to harvest without compacting the bed where I stepped or knelt. One trick I found was to lay a plank across the bed between plants to spread the weight out a bit. Good luck! I'll be back to see your progress.

Audrey said...

Looks great!! I don't have to worry about getting into the garden for another month. We usually plant the 3rd week of May and hope that we don't get frost in June.

Sybella said...

I think it looks like a wonderful spot you have created! I can't wait to see how your garden grows!

Leslie said...

Sweet new garden, The weather here has been great too. I helped my cousin plant her garden & we did some tiger lilies, they smell so good!